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Advanced navigation



Length: 1 day

Max ratio: 1:6

Time to brush off those maps sat collecting dust and become a navigation ninja. Building upon an existing foundation, we review the common strategies used to navigate a leg of a journey and then focus on interpreting contour features to enable navigation away from paths, tracks and other man-made objects. We cover accurate compass work, termed 'micro-nav', getting fluent with taking bearings, incorporating pacing and timing as standard for when visibility drops. 

Who is this for?

Previous experience with OS maps (1:25k or 1:50k scale) is required. We assume you have a general knowledge about map symbol interpretations, rights of way and orientating a map before use. This course introduces more complex techniques for navigation over rough ground. A level of fitness that allows a 5-8 hour day in moderately steep terrain would be necessary.


1:1 or 1:2 £220

...then £30 extra for each additional person up to a maximum 6

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