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Seek experiences // Build confidence // Develop skills

Alex is a Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor, Winter Mountain Leader and BSc Zoologist by training. He is passionate about connecting people with their natural environment, working as a freelance MCI/WML, wildlife tour leader and skills workshop provider. He is also a Mountain Training skills course tutor & course staff on ML training/assessment courses.


He works on a freelance basis with other likeminded outdoor companies to provide qualified instruction and guiding services and also runs a range of his own in-house organised courses, workshops, guided experiences and events tailored towards walking, scrambling and climbing in the mountain environment as "Summit Sense".


Summit Sense's philosophy enables the outdoor enthusiast to seek out new experiences for personal fulfilment, build self-confidence through achievements and develop skills towards technical competence.


He takes pride in the fact that as activity and training providers, we are not blind to the landscape surrounding us but aims to educate clients about this fragile ecosystem to give a more holistic understanding about the environment in which we operate. He is enthusiastic about learning and believes knowledge is the key that inspires care. Quality is the key consideration. Group ratios are kept low to maximise individual learning and tailor content to your specific requirements.


Alex lives and works in Eryri/Snowdonia year round and regularly works on the West Coast of Scotland, Cairngorms & Isle of Skye.

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